Committed to Excellence

John Bull Investments is a fast paced innovative and engaging company that thrives on the challenges of working with the best of the best. By choosing JBI, lead by the dynamic, visionary David Bull, clients have the opportunity for one on one specialized, immersed and attentive, focus for their unique projects, urban or rural.


Our main objective is to invest in relationships with our clients and understand their perspectives, way of doing business, and the properties that are as individual as they are. David has an intuitive gift and vision when it comes to seeing the entire project start to finish, and an ernest deep desire to be sure that the people who work with John Bull Investments are truly satisfied and inspired by the results that are obtained by the firm.

Because each project is unique, David carefully curates a team of experts to service and advise on each job, with him, from his vast network of relationships he has built with trusted professionals he has met through the years. 

Inherently David is community minded, and cares about the people that live and work on the land JBI develops, as a team we do our best to meet with and understand the needs of the landowners and those that are on the properties in their daily lives. David has adopted a philosophy from one of his favourite charities in that he finds ways to give back big or small 365 days a year. 

Relentless pursuit of excellence, an eye for every detail, and results based passion for Real Estate is the culmination of years of experience in the business, set on a foundation of  Education and Training in Urban Land Economics from UBC with a Business Diploma from BCIT.





President and CEO, JBI LTD.

David has extensive experience in the world of Real Estate and has earned himself numerous top awards and achievements over the 40 plus years in his chosen field. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that he takes on each new project with the bigger picture in mind



IT Consultant

Based in Toronto, Justin is a highly accredited IT & security professional having worked all over North America on numerous projects and jobs. JBI is in excellent and secure hands when dealing with sensitive information and technology.



Marketing and Consulting with JBI LTD.

20 plus years of experience in the world of Brand Management, Advertising and Marketing JoAnne and CEO at JMS Media Group Inc, JoAnne Brings a experienced and complementary skill set to the team.